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Through the ages of ornamentation, brass has never lost it's charm.  More than any other material, the beauty of brass has endured, defying time, wear and the elements to mar the qualities for this most versatile much admired medium.

This much admired material is crafted by Brasscraft (a division of Millar Paterson Metals) from it's raw state to produce exquisitely styled ornamental brassware. Whether you are embellishing a cottage or a castle, putting your name on the gate or entrance wall or directing people to various places, at Brasscraft we can help you from the design stages right through to production, delivery and installation if required.

Millar Paterson Metals also manufacture our Milpat range of products which, along with the Brasscraft range includes




Ornamental Door Knobs


Fire Hobs

and more.

Milpat also makes and supplies sacrificial Zinc Anodes for Steel Hulls and Yachts.

We have been satisfying customers in Auckland and throughout New Zealand for over one hundred years and pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, prompt service and our products' value for money .

Check out our web site to see a representative range of products that we have supplied to our New Zealand customers. If you wish to phone, fax, email or come and see us (we are handily placed in central Auckland), then see our contact page for contact and address details or, if you have a specific query or comment, then use our dedicated online enquiries page.


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